Located on the water at Lake Thoreau, SolvTec was born from a need for better service to electric pontoon boats and floating docks in the region. Lakes are a way of life in Reston, VA.  We saw the frustration of our neighbors unable to find honest help at reasonable prices.  It all started with our friends next door.  The costly service they received from marine “professionals” in the past suddenly failed.  After we successfully fixed their work, the word spread.

Each person we helped told the same story.  The last company that fixed the boat or raft charged an outrageous amount for questionable or dishonest work.  The quality was never proportional to the cost.

SolvTec’s founder believed that he could do better, leveraging years of experience in the electronics industry and a passion for solving problems the best possible way.  SolvTec believes everyone should enjoy the water without worry.